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Vestibular Rehab is an expert physiotherapy clinic that specialises in detailed vestibular assessments and comprehensive rehabilitation. To do this we use the latest technology and up to date research to get an accurate diagnosis and measurement of vestibular dysfunctions.

From these details we can create a tailor-made rehab program focusing on correcting vestibular-ocular reflex and cancellation, balance impairments, gait impairments and dizziness/vertigo. This can be done through corrective techniques such as Epley's and Liberatory Maneouver, Barbeque and Gufoni techniques, and specific exercises techniques. Oscilopsia (a feeling of objects jumping, jiggling or vibrating when they are actually still. It can also feel like the world takes time to catch up with your head movements) can be reduced with dynamic visual acuity exercises.


During the assessment we will conduct a thorough medical history and subjective assessment to determine the possible causes of the vestibular dysfunctions and it's impacts on daily living. The next stage is a comprehensive assessment of objective measures and the effects that the vestibular dysfunction has had in the body. During the objective assessment we will assess the effects on:

Central Balance Centres
Peripheral Balance System
Reflexes and the bodies ability to overcome them

During this part of the assessment we will use Frenzel Googles (these allow for real-time visualization of eye movements in the absence of visual fixation - allowing for more accurate reading of uncontrollable signs of vestibular dysfunction) and the modified CTSIB exams among others to examine balance. We will also look at specific tests to check of the body's reflexes are working and the body's ability to overcome. We will also measure the effects of the vestibular dysfunction on functional activities of the body including walking and dynamic visual acuity.


After we have determined the the cause of the vestibular dysfunction, and its effects on the body, we will create a tailored rehab program aimed at correcting the following:
The Dysfunction - using Epley's, Liberatory Maneouver or other repositioning techniques
Oscillopsia -
the feeling of the world bouncing or a delayed catch up when moving your head
Balance Impairment -
to reduce the risk of falls and the feeling of unsteadiness
Gait Impairment - As we walk we move out heads to look at the environment around us, this movement can make the symptoms worse
Anxiety/Panic -
As vestibular symptoms are unusual, their presence can be unnerving, we will help to reduce these
Motion Sensitivity - The feeling of nausea, dizziness or imbalance due to the motion of our environment. We treat these symptoms using our extensive optokinetic video library:

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